Do you miss Mum? No, not really… I think you should….. But, it`s nice now. What dya mean? …..No more shouting, and yelling. Dad doesn`t tell me off anymore, and we get better food now at Mrs Turner`s, and cake from Mrs Jones. Yeah, I know but I still miss her….. and also I can go out at night and Dad doesn`t know, I couldn`t do that when Mum was around. Well, I think you should miss her……. ok well, I miss her a bit, but I saw her last Saturday or Sunday. …Whaaat, you saw her where, how? Ahh, well, she came round with that George bloke. What, how did that happen, does Dad know, where did you see them? Well they came over and parked around the corner in Melthorne Road and Philippa's mum told me they were gonna come, so I waited there for them. Don`t tell Dad. George has got a big car with those long seats and Mum gave me a big bar of Toblerone. Are you crazy, that`s Mums` new man, do you want a new dad? You shouldn`t see them again, not without letting Dad know. Ok, I still got some Toblerone if you want a bit. You shouldn`t see her anymore she left dad, and we have to be good or they'll take us away and we`ll end up in a home. Whadya mean, we already have a home with dad, who will take us away?

Yawn the Day

My Mum and Dad used to have lots of arguments and would shout a lot we would hear it upstairs, in our bedrooms, it was horrible and now Mum has left and isn`t coming back. Me and my Sister live with my Dad, in the same house as before, so a lot of things have changed but, a lot of things have stayed the same. Dad still goes to work Monday to Friday, all day and Saturday mornings, in a factory, somewhere near my Auntie`s house. Every day he cycles to work, come rain, wind or shine. Every morning he comes into my bedroom at 7am with a cup of tea, to wake me up, at 7.15 he comes in again to make sure I drank my tea, and that I`m getting up, he leaves for work at 7.20. I run from my bedroom over to the bathroom, there`s a little paraffin heater there so it`s nice and warm. I quickly wash myself, rinse my face, and brush my teeth. My Sister, Chris, helps me get ready for school, she is four years older than me and already goes to Junior school. We get our own breakfast, usually cereal so I just have to find my books and my bag and we leave for school. It`s not so bad, not any big changes really. I don`t like going all the way to the school gates with her but she always comes with me. She says, Dad told her to make sure I go into the school, but really I feel like a baby and yet I`m over seven years old. My days at school are boring, I only like two of my teachers, Mrs Fay and Miss Green and we don`t have them every day.

Wild the Night

After school, on Mondays and Tuesdays, we go to Mrs Jones`s house, I always get there before Chris, my Sister, as my school finishes earlier, which is great because Mrs Jones makes cakes and lots of sweet stuff. There`s often some apple pie or rhubarb crumble, with custard to be had. Later when my sister arrives we`ll maybe have a snack there but if we don`t we`ll have dinner at home when Dad gets in. He makes the best mashed-potato in the world and we have that often with sausages and baked beans. Later he might fall asleep in front of the TV and I will sneak out to be with my friends, once it's dark. There`s five of us, Paul O`Ryan, Colin Skase, David Baker, Alan Williams and me. They are all in Junior school, all much older than me maybe four years older, but I`m allowed to hang out with them. Sometimes we just go to the rec and smoke a few cigarettes but sometimes we go stealing things, from Woolworths or from cars. Last week we broke into this house, we knew was empty and because I`m the smallest I was chosen to climb up to the bathroom and get in through the little window, I then ran downstairs and opened the front door. Paul wouldn`t let me take anything, he made me go outside and watch that no-one came along. We took all the stuff we got to a local second-hand shop and got a lot of money. Paul gave me £3 for my work, great. Three pound buys really a lot of things, I felt quite rich. That would never have happened if Mum still lived with us, it`s great. Next week. we are all gonna play truant, just in the afternoon and go proper nicking in the big Woolworths, up-town, cant wait. .. Names have been changed to protect the guilty



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